What is DIPG?

My son Connor was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG).  It’s a pediatric brain tumor that is terminal on diagnosis.  He lived 16 months after being diagnosed.

More on DIPG:

  • Up to 400 new cases a year in the United States
  • An inoperable brain cancer
  • Malignant tumor that arise in the pons region of the brainstem and intertwine with healthy life-sustaining nerves
  • Average survival is 9 months after diagnosis
  • 99%  fatal (it’s really 100% but they need give parents a little hope)
  • Effects children ages 5-9 years old

No improvement in prognosis in past 40 years; there is a desperate need for research funding.

Pontine Glioma

Our family has chosen to support one of the leading researchers (at Stanford) working on DIPG.  The link below is specifically coded so donations go directly to Dr. Michelle Monje’s lab at Stanford University. We feel donating to this great doctor is the most effective & best way to raise money for this cause.


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